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Workout for charity

Challenge yourself, get fit and make an impact on people's lives!

Current goal


Achieved so far

The Charities Supported in November

Critical Software and Critical TechWorks donated money to these charities


55+, a non-governmental organisation, is dedicated to recognising the expertise and wisdom of individuals aged 55 and above who are inactive due to unemployment or retirement. The primary goal is to promote autonomy and empowerment among this demographic. By actively addressing sedentary lifestyles and social isolation, the organisation offers community services facilitated by service providers who are consistently aged 55 or older.


Our donation will generate approximately 600 hours of service, activating the wisdom and knowledge of individuals aged 55 and above.



Established in 2000, Apojovi Association is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS). Prioritising support for the elderly and disabled youth, protection of childhood, and promotion of cultural and recreational activities, Apojovi also focuses on education and vocational training. Rooted in the concerns of educators, the association combats social exclusion through diverse socio-educational support services, fostering inclusive development and empowering individuals in vulnerable situations. Upholding values of equal opportunities, integrity, dignity, respect for diversity, and social justice, Apojovi envisions creatively addressing social needs and fostering active participation in problem-solving.

Our donation will ensure the purchase of materials and equipment, enhancing the activities for the 336 senior adults in the Association.

How it works

We set a monthly goal

Every month we will challenge you to hit a total number of workout hours.

You record workout in Strava

Whatever exercise you complete will contribute towards the monthly goal.

Critical donates to charities

If the goal is reached, we will donate the money to the monthly charities.

Top athletes this month

These are the top 50 athletes contributing for this month's challenge. 

Are you ready?

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