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Grupos de Vida Social Apoiada

Grupos de Vida Social Apoiada (GVSA - Groups for a Supported Social Life) is a project founded in 2010 by the ‘O Fio de Ariana’ cooperative.


Its mission is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to develop personal and social skills by creating stable and small groups of friends. The project does this with the help of volunteers, who assist in building the friendship groups. Participants can enjoy a range of fun activities, with the purpose of giving them the skills to thrive in everyday life. The GVSA volunteers are generally the same age as the participants and take a proactive role in leading their individual groups. At the same time, they assist the cooperative’s therapists to manage the group on meetings and activities in a way that abides by its mission of supporting those with additional needs to flourish.


Our Critical Fit donation will cover the activities of 7 volunteers in the existing groups across the academic year 2021/2022, as well as fund 3 training sessions over the same period.


ADEB - Associação de Apoio aos Doentes Depressivos e Bipolares

ADEB is a not-for-profit social solidarity private association founded in June 1991 whose aim is to offer mental healthcare and support to people with depression, bipolar disorder and other conditions. ADEB has also worked to set up therapeutic groups covering such areas as psychoeducation, stress and anxiety, and the prevention of suicidal thoughts and behaviour. In addition, the association psychopedagogical sessions and conferences for professionals working with people with mental health conditions. Its members include doctors, psychologists, nurses, social workers and other professionals in the field.


As of December 2020, ADEB had 611 members and 3849 affiliates, making ADEB Portugal's biggest mental health association.The services offered by ADEB are either accessibly priced or free of charge, and our Critical Fit contribution will help to fund 120 sessions of psychosocial rehabilitation per month for 58 people with mental health conditions.

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